iPray: Prayer Times & Qibla 2.6.2 [Patched] Apk

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iPray offers a beautifully hand-crafted interface with both Prayer Times and Qibla compass displayed on the same screen – no switching between screens and strictly No Ads. You’re sure to get accurate timings and athan alerts no matter where you are in the world. iPray “just works” out of the box with zero-configuration require


• Islamic prayer times for any location round the world
• An easy to read display with heads-up information about the current prayer in focus (either the currently active prayer or the next one in case it’s starting soon). Prayers included are: Fajr, Sunrise / Salat al Doha, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha and Qiyam
• Smart status bar notification that doesn’t just show you what’s most important (current prayer’s elapsed time, or upcoming prayer’s count down), but also smartly gets demoted during the day so it’s out of your way and promoted when a prayer is 30 minutes away. Your lock screen will automatically show you the next prayer information if it’s within 30 minutes.
• Color coded display to show the progress of the current prayer. Severity begins with yellow, orange, red and bright red, indicating the current prayer is about to depart, so pray if you haven’t already prayed.
• Optional 15 minutes reminders to remind you with a gentle ‘knock knock’ sound that the prayer is about to begin.
• Easy toggling of alerts from the main screen. Tap-hold to see more options.

App Details
Version: 2.6.2
Size: 12.8 MB

Android Version : 4.2 and up
Google Play Store App Homepage

iPray: Prayer Times & Qibla 2.6.2 [Patched] Apk Mirror

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