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Launcher++ (Lpp) is a highly optimized, pure and feature rich home screen replacement app with a lot of features that keep all of your apps and widgets easily accessible. Launcher++ is made to be totally customizable so that you may tweak the look and feel to your personal preferences.


♦Widgets in folders – Folders in Lpp are like mini desktops. You can host any number of full scale widgets and icons in them.
♦Resizable folders – Folders in Lpp are totally flexible. You may resize them to layout the contents in any way as you please.
♦Unread counts – Unread counts for phone, SMS and any app that supports TouchWhiz unread counts system.
♦App drawer folders – Lpp supports desktop style folders in app drawer. You can drag items in an out of it easily.
♦Fixed dock on the desktop – Fixed dock doesn’t move as you scroll though desktop screen. It is useful to host static items.
♦Expandable main dock – Lpp sports a main dock that can be expanded to reveal more contents. It can host any type of items.
♦Fully configurable docks – The left and right side docks allow easy access to more stuff. They can host any type of items.
♦Icon framing – Choose from inbuilt or custom background, mask and overlay and give unique and uniform look to all your icons.
♦Blur effects – The blur effect in Lpp is super optimized and does’t cause any observable battery drain. So you may happily use it.
♦Grouped widget drawer – Widget drawer shows items grouped per app and against a translucent background so as to give you the best preview.
♦Full theme support – Lpp has full support for all themes with skins. You can use theme details screen to choose what part of a theme is applied.
♦Sliding app drawer – Lpp implements all Android Nougat features including sliding app drawer. You may also configure which side its pulled out from.

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Version: 1.72.p006
Size: 5.5 MB


Android Version : 4.0.3+
Google Play Store:

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