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This game takes place in AD 2060.
Let me first explain the big and small scientific events that have taken place.
Year 2020
Virtual reality became widespread, and its related technologies developed rapidly.

Year 2025
“Virtual reality commute system became universalized,
and VR game and porn addiction became a serious problem.”

Year 2030
“Artificial intelligence surpassed human intelligance,
taking jobs away from people in many industries.”
“Universalization of technology that connects human brain to computers
allowed to handle all things by thought alone”

Year 2035
“Space bases were built on the moon and Mars,
and so were research institutes, like the ones now in Antartica.”
“The world was united into one,
and languages went extinct due to the technology that allows communication through thought transreceivers.”

Year 2040
All parts of body and organs could now be reproduced and transplanted.
“Humans were no longer mortal,
and the lookism completely vanished,
as all body parts could now be remodeled.”

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