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SuperWall is probably the only complete all-in-one video solution for your Video Wallpaper needs. With video scaling you can use a widescreen video (11:4, 13:5, 21:9, 2:1, 16:9, 4:3) and it will scale properly on your phone. If you are using a Launcher that supports both portrait and landscape, the video dimensions will scale to both orientations automatically.

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App Features:

-Offset: Portrait wallpapers can be offset left or right from the center (default). This feature only works if Scale to Width is unchecked.

-Tint: Add a colored tint (filter) to your background. This adds a nice effect to your videos. Why not match your case color? Tinting and also helps to mask some imperfections in lower quality videos.

-Video Scaling: Any video is scaled to your devices dimensions. Landscape widescreen video will be scaled to proportion on Portrait orientations.

-Playlist: Select multiple wallpaper sets and SuperWall will chain them together and play the sequentially, looping the last video back to the first one.

-Audio: Audio can be enabled for the wallpapers. This can be turned off in the settings, or by double tapping Homescreen to mute/un-mute the audio. Volume control as well.

-Pause: The wallpapers can be paused/resumed by triple tapping the home screen.

-Advance video: Two-finger tap your Homescreen to advance to the next video in your Playlist.

-Fast Forward/Rewind: Two-finger swipe right to fast-forward you video by 10%. Two-finger swipe left to rewind your video by 10%.

-Lock screen: Confirmed working for Android 7.X Nougat.

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Version: 5.0.3
Size: 20.4 MB

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